English articles about Spain

A good way to practice English is by reading on-line newspapers.  Nowadays there are a number of sites which have up-to-date articles about Spanish news stories.  There are three types:

  • English on-line newspapers written by expatriate English speakers.
  • The "Spanish sections" of established English media.
  • English-language sections of established Spanish news media.

Their target audiences are really native English speakers but they are very good for learners too.

 On-line newspapers.

The Local.  This is a "tabloid style" paper.  They also have editions in other European languages but the content of the Spanish site is entirely about Spain.  Great for new vocabulary and phrasal verbs.

The Olive Press. This paper focuses on the south of Spain but it covers national issues as well. 

Typically Spanish.  Interesting news from all over Spain though some of the articles read as though they were not written by native speakers.

Expatica.  More news for British expatriates living in Spain.

Many other local editions here, and here. There are a large number of more local papers produced for expatriate English speakers in the south of Spain and other areas.

Traditional English papers with Spanish sections.

The Guardian. Highly respected left-of-centre British newspaper.  Well written and informative articles with regular updates.

The Telegraph. Slightly down-market, right-of-centre newspaper. Well written but intermittently updated.

Spanish media with English-language sections.

El Pais in English. English-Language section of Spain's El Pais. Usually well written, though articles show traces of Spanish language influence.

Sur in English. English-language version of Sur.

EITB. Basque news. Sometimes looks like it was not written by native speakers and is intermittently updated.

EFE. Spanish news agency.

Specialised reporting.

Bloomberg.  Financial news.  Football news.

Marca Football news.

Royalty. Aggregator for news about Spain's royal family.

The above is not an exhaustive list of possible English-language media but represents good selection.

If you spend half an hour each day at these sites reading English versions of stories with which you are already familiar then your reading comprehension and vocabulary are certain to improve.  Good luck!