Why should you choose me?

Personal responsibility and personal attention.  I am both the owner of the company and the person who will give your class; I am not an employee of a school sent by a manager or salesperson.  You will be in contact with me personally about the objectives of your class and I will be individually responsible for giving your classes.

Freedom of action: You may cancel our agreement at any time for any reason.  You will not be tied into a long term agreement for classes which you may later decide are not for you.

Payment.  You do not need to pay for a set number of classes in advance.  You only need to pay for the classes you actually take.  (The only exception being arranged classes which are cancelled by you with less than 24 hours notice.)

Quality: You will receive classes from a highly experienced teacher with a unique methodology.

Interesting topics.  While I have a special interest in the world of business I am also interested in a very wide range of other issues.  If you have a special interest which is not related to business English I will probably be able to introduce it into class.

Native speaker.  As I am a native English speaker you will be able to practice your listening skills in the most natural manner imaginable. (I was born in Wales, but I later lived in Scotland, the North of England and in the London area.)

Experience. I have over twenty years of experience in the world of business in the UK and fifteen years experience as an English teacher in Bilbao.