Number of hours per week and schedule

The number of hours you wish to take will vary depending on your objectives.  If your only objective is to maintain your existing level, then one hour a week should be sufficient.  You should bear in mind that, in general, if you are not using a language regularly then your ability in that language will be deteriorating.  In fact, a lot of my time is spent helping people recover language abilities which they have lost or forgotten.

If your objective is not language maintenance and you wish to see noticeable improvement in your English level then you should think about at least three hours per week and also carry out your own study in addition to the classes.  I will be able to advise you on this.

Please remember that, contrary to what some people may claim, there are no magic shortcuts to learning to use a language – progress depends on the amount of time you spend in contact with the language.  In this case more is always better.

Most students have lessons on the same day and at the same time each week as this makes scheduling easier for me and for them.  Nevertheless, if you have a highly irregular schedule then we may be able to fit classes in on an ad hoc basis.

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